Lara Dalinsky

Kind Words

Kind Words

I have been fortunate over the years to work with some pretty amazing people. Below are some accounts of our experiences collaborating together:

Lara was on my team at Vessence for almost six years. When she moved across the world, I continued to send work her way because she is an incredibly talented designer, a reliable project manager, and a true joy to work with!

I can’t say enough positive things about Lara. Her style is versatile for the many different kinds of clients with whom we work (everything from defense to non-profit to small business to Fortune 100 companies). She is the designer I trust with the design work for my company because she has the ability to really listen and get into the heart and soul of the person for whom she’s designing. Whatever idea I come up with, she creates something ten times better. She’s so easy to work with and always delivers world-class work.
— Nancy Belmont, CEO of Vessence

"Through Compassion Over Killing, I've known and worked closely with Lara for over 12 years (and counting). Her passion, creativity, authenticity, and positive energy shine through in her work as well as her personality.

As a freelance designer, she's very flexible and accommodating with our schedules and always, always meets deadlines. From her work creating and laying out the designs for issues of our 16-page magazine Compassionate Action, to creating eye-catching event posters for the DC VegFest, Lara has gone above and beyond to ensure all details are taken care of in a professional and thoughtful manner. She is all-around amazing and words can't fully express how much I recommend her!"

– Erica Meier, Executive Director at Compassion Over Killing

Lara is an extremely talented and professional graphic designer, brand developer, photographer, website designer, and so much more.

We gave her a very broad overview for a logo and she produced the perfect design that captured everything we wanted. It has become the symbol of our entire brand, and is frequently complimented on by clients, our architects, and more.

Lara is efficient, cost-conscious, and very easy to work with. She takes our suggestions or questions into account while taking everything we need to a level above what we could even imagine. I cannot recommend Lara more for anything that you need: logo design, website design, photography, graphics... She excels at everything she does and is the absolute real deal.
— Laura Schwartz, Co-Founder of Vikriya Lab

"Lara is an excellent art director. She is very thorough, helpful, and creative. She is very positive and provides great advice as well as helpful tips in order to produce outstanding design work for Vessence. It was a great honor to work with such a positive, outgoing, and talented person."

– Alexandra Alepohoritis, Freelance Designer

"I had the opportunity to work directly with Lara on several accounts including the U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center and UNCF. Lara is incredibly innovative, organized, and collaborates effectively with clients to meet their strategic objectives. Her skills as a designer, personable nature, and passion for her craft made it an absolute pleasure to work with Lara on a daily basis."

– Katie Downtain Ward, Project Manager at Vessence

Lara is an incredibly talented graphic designer with the skill set of an account executive. She seamlessly provides both creative and logistical support to clients, making them feel at ease (and taken care of) from project conception to completion.
— Savannah Schuermann, Acount Exec at Vessence

"Lara is the best kind of graphic designer; she's both talented and knowledgeable about business needs. Lara was always able to deliver clean, creative and consistent designs while balancing an extremely high work-load.

She had a can-do attitude, always met deadlines, and was excellent at prioritizing her self-managed monthly magazine. Additionally, she was a delight to work with. Her sense of humor, passion for life and smile was contagious. She'd be an amazing addition to any creative group!"

– Nicole Taylor, Project Manager at Bremmer & Goris

Having worked with Lara on some exciting projects I can say that she is an expert in her field and an absolute professional. With exemplary design skills and a talent for finding solutions that put the clients needs above all else, Lara definitely delivers the ‘wow’ factor. All done with a remarkably sunny disposition!
— Andrew Poliakoff, Account Exec at Vessence

Over the past two years, I have worked closely with Lara on many projects at Compassion Over Killing, and I am always impressed by her creativity, talent, and attention to detail. Designing a wide range of works – from all of the themes and layouts for our biannual magazine, to event posters and other promotional materials, to graphics, postcards, and so much more.

Lara’s work always beautifully conveys the messaging and branding of the organization while also featuring new and creative designs. She is a joy to work with, and meets or exceeds every deadline!
— Jennifer Mishler, Director of Communications at Compassion Over Killing

"Lara has done amazing work for my business, Mind the Mat, for several years. She is fast, professional and creative. We appreciate her quick turn around and clean designs. She truly understands how to stay on our brand while still maintaining attention to detail with our new concepts and ideas."

– Dr Megan Brown, Co-Founder of Mind the Mat

I have worked with Lara in various capacities for almost 12 years. Her design skills are incredibly versatile and her style is fluid enough to work with any brand she has come across - all without losing her attention to detail and professional finish. Most recently, I have hired Lara to help with print and electronic work for a few of our clients and have been impressed every step of the way. All deadlines are met, all expectations are exceeded and she’s one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever worked with!
— Chris Denby, CEO of Markitecture